inpatient services

acute pain service

During your stay as an inpatient, your surgeon or physician may refer you to Michael if you are experiencing pain that is difficult to control. Following receipt of the referral, Michael will firstly review your current pain medicine regime, then tailor an analgesic regime to suit your requirements.  Michael will then regularly review your progress until your discharge from hospital and arrange follow-up at his rooms if required.  

chronic pain service

As a part of your chronic pain management plan, Michael may recommend admission for a five day inpatient stay for a ketamine or lignocaine infusion at St John of God Hospital Ballarat.  

The goals of these are infusions are individualised for each patient but are generally used for:

  • Improved pain control and function in conditions such as:

    • Neuropathic pain

    • Chronic back pain

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Chronic headaches

  • To treat opioid induced hyperalgesia

  • Opioid Rotation

  • Titration of other analgesic medications

Michael will see you daily during your stay at St John of God Hospital to assess your progress and to answer any questions you should have regarding your treatment plan.  During your stay you will also be assessed by the St John of God multidisciplinary allied health team, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists.  The members of this team will then provide further advice regarding non-medication strategies to improve your pain control.

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